My art is an exploration of abstraction, representation, image creation and image discovery as well as a visual investigation  and reflection on the meaning these concepts might have in our time.

The themes running through my work reflect a personal sense of urgency using my own experience as a starting point.

My varied series of artworks, combining traditionally opposing techniques and approaches, utilise a diverse range of familiar and unfamiliar elements to construct unprecedented visual entities, perceptions, worlds and facts.

By examining mimesis, human visual perception and the function of signs that constitue images, I attempt to address a wide range of subjects, hopefully involving the viewer in a way that they are confronted with the conditioning of their own perception and challenged to reconsider their biases.

By focusing on the boundaries of representation and abstraction -the obvious but often overlooked principle of imitation (mimesis)- and the Aristotelean pleasure that accompanies any recognition of forms, many of my works attempt to seduce the viewer into systems of presences which articulate threads of anthropological fact.

My work can be divided into two broad categories, each focusing on different aspects of the dialectics between representation and abstraction:

-Works that follow a more improvisational and layered approach (perhaps a purer and more introspective take on paintng) and:

-Works which are planned, edited and constructed.

An example of the first group are works in the series "Qualia" where an image is discovered through the process of painting itself.

The series "Monologues" belongs to the second group where representational images and often photos -taken by me, or found- are juxtaposed with purely abstract and "raw" painterly elements to construct powerful and thought-provoking narratives.

​With each work I like to question the contemporary cultural norms, and try to absorb past traditions into daily artistic practice​. I try to meditate on and combine historically diverse art styles, techniques and approaches: The academic realism of my student years, abstract expressionism, neo-expressionism, cubism, sumi-e painting and oriental calligraphy, the distinct and opposing technical qualities of dry and wet materials like soft pastels, oils, watercolours and gouache, and, more recently, incorporating digital techniques and 3D CGI into my workflow.

Throughout my work one can find traces of human struggle, existential angst, irony, humour, transcendence and enlightenment which all set the tone for what is ultimately an invitation for the viewer to think laterally about themselves and the other, about our own ‘feral’ and ‘civilized’ selves, about society and individual, citizen and state, about representation and abstraction, digital and analogue, dimensionality and flat surface, internal and external experience, colour and line.

In the intermediate space between the work and the spectator's gaze, the Real and the True co-inhabit the same topological space whilst the abyss winks back at us.