Untitled, 2015

2015 Untitled.jpg

This work depicts a sculptural biomorphic form or forms reminiscent of iberian or cycladic idols or henry moore's figures floating on a bright coloured space. The left part of the painting consists of two dimensional, flat abstract shapes which gradually become more rendered and three dimensional as we move to the center and right of the work. There are hints at limbs and drapery throughout the work as well as a long trapezoid volume extending from the bottom right of the canvas which gives the impression of supporting the whole "body" on the center left part of the work. The composition is asymmetrical, dynamic and flowing from bottom left to center right, while the "negative space" is very brightly colored, gradating from an intense, almost fluorescent orage-red to a magenta-purple turning what would traditionally be a background into the most prominent element of the work.

A big part of the composition and movement of this work is directly inspired by the dynamic compositions of chinese sumi-e painting combined with the material qualities and brightness of soft pastels, the impasto and layering of oil painting and the sharpness and formal clarity of academic charcoal drawing.