This series of works focuses on the nature of painting and the boundaries between representation and abstraction.  The works are characterised by an improvisational and layered approach which poses problems of pure painting, human perception, history, meaning and interpretation of art

Although all of these works are figurative, there is no preconceived image or theme before the beginning of the painting process.

In fact the resulting image, or rather the evocation of an image is slowly discovered while painting, through numerous metamorphoses of the painterly surface.

The very individual creative process begins with the artist working in an abstract expressionist style, with ephemeral and accidental marks of various painting materials -an automatic writing of sorts. Through this process, a composition of emancipated visual elements is constructed, painterly marks which signify nothing other than themselves. After the first few sessions, through looking and reflecting on the canvas, the artist tries to let the painting "suggest" an image to him. His goal at this stage, is to discover the single, organic narrative-entity of the work and continue working dialectically between image, composition and artistic will. The image discovery phase, happens through a long process of projection and self reflection, in a function related to how the Rorschach ink test works.

From this point on, Chronis relies on his traditional artistic skills to work towards a final piece with presence, balance and originality. Needles to say this doesn't always go well and many times he goes beyond a critical point and the work is ruined. But even this is seen as an integral part of his general process, his stance and attitute on art and life.

Whenever we, as viewers, look at a work of art, no matter how naturalistic it might be, we project a part of our personality onto the canvas. Essentially every viewer sees a slightly different image. This is something inherent in human nature and not confined to art objects: it is our way to charge things, people and living beings with meaning.

Through his search for a universal and pure artistic language Chronis aspires to incorporate this characteristic function of the human mind into an artistic process which focuses precicely on the point where something that is not an image starts to become one. His intention is to create an equilibrium of abstract composition, transcendent expressiveness and classical representation where the viewer is not just a witness but an actual part of the completion of the meaning of the work.

Underwater Dreams.jpg

Underwater Dreams, 2011

Untitled (2015, mixed media on canvas)

Untitled, 2015

2015 fusion.jpg

Fusion, 2015

More Qualia

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