"New originals" are a series of mixed media paintings exploring the boundaries of representation and abstraction. They are based on a contemporary revisiting of the Aristotelian concept of mimesis and they aspire to engage in dialogue with the modernist ideals. The creative process followed in these works is a rewinding of the abstraction of the body image that took place in western modernism, following a path of eclectic affinity starting with Cezanne and ending with the abstract expressionists. Each painting starts in a completely abstract, random and loose way of just making marks on the painting surface, giving up as much of control as possible and, through numerous metamorphoses, to develop these emancipated, raw plastic elements into a picture, usually of a body or bodies. This picture is never pre-conceived (and thus surprising to me also) and is always the product of a slow and deep reflective process of discovery of dominating forms through simply looking at the paint.

Acrobat, 2012


mixed media on paper