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Dinner 2021.jpg

The Dinner is a visual allegory posing questions on evolution and human nature:
Is it ever possible for us to evolve to a society or world without violence? Or is killing inherent in our animalistic nature?
​The biological evolution from Ape to Man to Android is juxtaposed with the act of cannibalism -itself an allegory of violence- which remains a constant or even worsens as the ages pass us by.
In the picture, although the laws of natural selection and technological advancement have transformed the three guests' appearance and cognitive prowess, their murderous nature has remained the same.
Dealing death is business as usual and consuming the products of death a rather enjoyable activity for all.
The hand holding the apple in the centre of the painting of course refers to the Bible and the original sin whenre Eve gave the forbidden fruit to Adam ("fall of man") while at the same time playing with the clichee image of a dish with a pig's head stuffed with an apple.
The composition for this work is borrowed from Peter Greenaway's film  "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover" in an effort to pay hommage to the great artist and director.

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