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lumberjack corinthian.jpg

Deposition is an original digital artwork that combines 3D CGI with digital painting and a visual montage of Velasquez' Christ on the cross. It is based on one of my "Monologues" drawings from 2014.

Many times I find myself reflecting on the course of our western civilization as a whole.

Our modern way of life is founded on a paradoxical fusion of Ancient Greek/Roman and Christian values and beliefs.

Nietszche famously pointed out the antithesis of these two systems of thought in order to attack the influence Christianity had in western society during his time in his philosophical works. Today, we can still find elements of both affecting everyday life, ethics, philosophy, science, politics and art. This contradictory fusion is particularly evident in morality: Christian morality judges character acoording to a good or evil intention (slave or victim morality accoording to Nietszche) and values kindness, empathy and defending the weak (charity). In opposition, Ancient Greek/Roman side judges a person by their actions as good or bad (master morality) and values pride, bravery, achievement and power. Today role models of powerful billionaires clearly reflect the one side while equally famous champions of social justice reflect the other. Elements of both exist in varying proportions in contemporary western life.

Enter the lumberjack, the simple, hard labourer of reason, acting as the true Nietzschean superman; The outsider; Seeker of truth. Ravager of fallacies; Free of all biases. Cutting down the ideological totem of contradictions; Attacking the symbols of western civilization; Demolishing the Superstructures of guilt, power and reward that entagle us all in their webs.

Setting a blank slate for new hopeful beginnings.