Fusion 2015

2015 fusion.jpg

This work is inspired by the Rorscharch ink blot test and the concept of psychological projection.
The work began as two separate black and white works using inks, gouache, graphite and soft pastels. As I was working on the two works simultaneously at some point it became clear they complement each other so I glued the two pieces of paper together and ended up with a long and narrow almost symmetrical large scale drawing. The two bodies emerging from each separate work looked like they were pouring into each other thus giving me the idea of the title of fhe work.
In many ways my approach to discovering the subject of each work is similar to the Rorscharch psychological test but with the intention to visualise universal truths to all people as opposed to determining a psychological profile for one person which the test is designed to do.

This links my approach to Aristorelean mimesis: In his "Poetics" Aristotle discusses the function of mimesis (the recognition of known forms) and links it to pleasure. In stark opposition to Plato who considered imitation as plain copying which seduced the viewer away from the knowledge of truth Aristotle believed that mimesis was the most creative force humans possessed especially when the copy was imperfect or different than the natural model and thus something new, and truly original.
Aside from the philosophical extents of this approach, for me the most fascinating part of my work comes when I ask the viewer: and what do YOU see?