Monologues 2012-2016

Monologues are a work-in-progress series of multi disciplinary works using both digital and traditional means. They are an assortment of non-verbal statements, allegories, symbolisms and paradoxes about crisis, consciousness, history, spirituality, evolution, self-awareness and perception of reality.

In stark contrast with my other body of work there is no discovery of an image, no painterly process guiding or affecting in any way the image and its meaning. Instead we are dealing with strictly pre-conceived and thoroughly devised imagery, using every possible means of contemporary image creation, from pencil or pen drawing and oil painting to digital collage, digital painting and photo-bashing, the use of 3d digital content and both found and orchestrated photography.

The use of photographic imagery is central to this approach and especially found photography using Internet resources. The indexical nature of photography and its use also as a journalistic means -as well as an artistic one- is a particular point of interest for me, especially regarding the paradoxical aspect of these works. My goal here is to create a synthesis of images that contradict themselves in terms of meaning and in this way to challenge the mainstream or “common” ways of reasoning in modern society.

Some works are more political in nature; others are dipped in dark, sarcastic humor; some are more spiritual and deal with the problematic of enlightenment of consciousness, the meaning of success or happiness and the question of technological vs. inner evolution. Most of them draw on my experience of living in Athens, Greece during the ongoing financial crisis and witnessing in very close proximity flaming issues such as immigration, political corruption, the resurgence of fascism, poverty, propaganda and the irrelevance of the art world among others.